Monduli district

Monduli district established during the British Colonial Rule where the administrative area was named "Monduli Maasai District” (figure 4) at that time was included with the present Kiteto, Simanjiro, Ngorongoro and Longido districts. Monduli District is situated between latitudes 3.00” to 4.50’ South of the Equator and Longitudes 36.50’ to 36.45’ East of Greenwich Meridian. The District covers an area of 6,993 km2 (2,700 sq mi) and is a home to the Maasai community ( )


Grazing areas

Compared to all the mapped districts, to a large extent Longido and Monduli have large grazing areas compared to the Karatu district. The months that correspond to seasons were slightly different among the districts. For example, the wet season for Monduli and Longido was considered to start around January to April but for Karatu it does extend to May. The dry season was considered to start from May to July/August and can extend to September. October to December was considered extreme dry seasons for the pastoral communities in Longido, Monduli and Ngorongoro. The exteme dry spells will transition to drought periods (December – February) when there is no rain between October and February. Pastoralists mostly return to their parmanent settlement during wet season, except for Karatu district that has very few pastoral communities.

Monduli grazing areas at different seasons
Monduli grazing areas during wet seasons
Monduli grazing areas during dry seasons
Monduli grazing areas on different topolology