Monduli: Livestock routes

Livestock routes are pathways that are used by herders or livestock farmers to move their animals from one location to another. These routes can vary in size and scope, ranging from small paths used by local communities to large highways used for national or international trade.

The major livestock routes that were identified during the study were those that are commonly used by livestock farmers to transport their animals to markets or other destinations. These routes are often well-established and may be used by thousands of animals each year. In some cases, these major routes connect different districts or regions within a country. For example, other routes may cross national borders and connect neighboring countries i.e Kenya and these routes may span hundreds of kilometers, connecting different grazing areas and markets.

Apart from the major livestock routes, there are also smaller pathways that serve local communities. These routes may be used by farmers to move their animals to grazing areas, water points, or dipping points. They may be shorter in length and may only be used by a few dozen animals at a time. Nonetheless, these smaller routes are still important for the livelihoods of local communities, as they provide access to critical resources for their animals.

Monduli routes and other resources
Monduli livestock routes and other resources
Monduli livestock routes
Monduli livestock routes